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Vidrio escaparate vitrine

Todo tipo de escaparates de vidrio diseñados para satisfacer sus necesidades. Se puede hacer como mesa de vitrina, cubo de vidrio, estuche de vidrio con luz, vitrina de vidrio con estantes, cajas de vidrio enteras, seguridad, etc.

Compre cajas de vidrio a los mejores precios.

V 23.3
Glass cube display. Glass height 500 mm. Five-sided safety glass with polished edges. Opens at bottom of the drawer with security lock and two keys corpus in MDF white (RAL 9006) with a black walking park. Size approx.: 500 x 1600 x 500 mm (WxHxD)
V 18.2
Vitrine table
V 18.3
Glass showcase
V 19.1
Museum glass case
V 19.2
Square glass case with octanom edges
V 19.3
Glass vitrine on legs, dark color
V 19.4
Display glass case on the cabinet stand
V 20.1
Display case with glass shelves
V 20.2
All glass showcase vitrine
V 21.1
Showcase vitrine display
V 21.2
All glass vitrine with wooden cabinet
V 21.3
All showcase glass vitrine
V 21.4
Modern Montblanc vitrine
V 22.1
Modern elegant vitrine, full glass on black cabinet stand
V 22.2
Glass case display (aquarium style) with a closed top
V 22.3
Fusion glass case
V 22.4
Museum glass display
V 22.5
All glass vitrine
V 23.1
Wall showcase with lights
V 23.2
Wall glass showcasee in the frame
V 18.1
Glass museum display case
V 23.4
Cube glass showcase for out-standing original display
V 23.5
Wall showcase glass with blue RAL color